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Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) exercises controls and supervision of the compliance with any regulatory requirements concerning:

food and feed safety, but also the phytosanitary activities, products for plant protection and fertilizers;

veterinary medical activities, animal health and animal welfare;

animal by-products not intended for human consumption;


raw materials and any foodstuffs excluding the bottled natural mineral, spring or table waters;

food-contact materials and objects;

compliance of quality of fresh fruits and vegetables with relevant EU standards applicable to placing on the market.


Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) performs also:


assessment of compliance of quality characteristics of foodstuffs against the requirements laid down in national standards, standards developed by respective industrial associations and approved by the Competent Authority (i.e. by BFSA) and/or respective technological documentations;

laboratory-diagnostic and research activities;

risk assessment and risk communication;

training and qualification;

all other specific activities provided for by the Law on Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.