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Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) is an integrated body for controls of safety and quality of food and feed in Republic of Bulgaria.  Being established in the beginning of 2011, BFSA follows the best European practices for implementation of highest standards of controls in the areas of safety and quality of food, food- and feed additives and drinks, veterinary medicine and animal welfare, plant protection and fertilizers, phytosanitary controls, feed, border inspections and others.  We all, as BFSA experts, are performing strict controls throughout the whole food chain, i.e. from the field, farm and/or stable up to the table on daily basis.

BFSA is exercising consistent policy for cooperation with all interested parties countrywide and with their industrial associations, in particular.  Together with those, BFSA is developing and establishing standards aimed to raise the quality of certain basic food products, such as bread and other bakery or pastry products, milk, milk- and meat products, together with some other traditional Bulgarian foodstuffs.

BFSA is exercising regular cooperation with European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), with all other EU authorities related anyhow with BFSA scope of activities and with all other EU Member States’ or third countries’ competent authorities (CAs) responsible for food safety in their homelands.

The structural approach applied in the legal basis for and the establishment of BFSA is based on the unification of the previous national CAs that have operated as National Veterinary Service (NVS), National Plant Protection Service (NPPS), National Grain and Feed Service, administrative districts’ (called ‘regional’) public health inspectorates and the units of the administrative districts’ ‘Agriculture’ Directorates, which activities are consistent with the BFSA functions pursuant to Article 3(1) of the Law on Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.